More than half a century ago, there happened in modern history a plan and the fact is that it has almost become a reality – the annihilation of an entire nation. The mass extermination of European Jews, done ​​during the Second World War by the Germans, is defined as: the Holocaust. More than 6 million people have been killed this way.

Elimination of the Jewish community has been done in extermination camps, concentration camps, forced labour camps and other places of mass executions of the Jews.

In the areas where mass extermination took place, martyrdom museums showing fate of victims of fascism have been built, as well as great monuments-mausoleums to commemorate these events and commemorate the dead. Polish law recognizes these places as historical monuments, like other official war cemeteries.

The most famous and the most visited museums of martyrdom are Auschwitz Museum and Majdanek State Museum in Lublin and as well as the former concentration camp in Treblinka, which was turned into the monumental cemetery, the tombstones of which are made of thousands of stone pieces.

We suggest you to visit the memorials.

Auschwitz served two functions. It was the largest Nazi concentration camp, where prisoners died as a result of exhausting work, hunger, epidemics and individual and group executions. Since 1942 it has become the largest centre of mass extermination, mostly of the Jewish population, carried out in a specially constructed gas chambers. Bodies of the murdered were burned in crematoria, stakes or in pits. Our qualified multilingual guides will walk with you and will tell you about the real nature of the camp.

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